Recast City

Reinvent | Reposition | Revitalize

Recast City works with real estate developers, city and other civic leaders to create cowork manufacturing space for small-scale producers. We build the startup community for small manufacturers and makers in the city - across industries of textiles, electronics, wood, metal and other materials. 

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Recast City brings together small-scale manufacturers and community developers to strengthen our neighborhoods, build value in our real estate, and create more job opportunities for residents. 

We help landowners, developers, and city leaders understand this growing business sector and how to incorporate it into real estate products. We help maker industry entrepreneurs and small manufacturing business owners get the support and exposure they need. And we help communities create more good paying jobs for our local residents.  

Recast City’s founder, Ilana Preuss, is passionate about making great places and believes that small-scale manufacturers are a missing piece to creating long-lasting, vibrant local economies and great places to live and work for everyone. 

With nearly 20 years of experience in city development, Preuss works with local leaders to go from idea to plan to action to build great places. Preuss brings a wealth of experience with federal, state and local real estate policy, and engaging local elected, business and other community leaders to bring projects to life.