Recast City

Reinvent | Reposition | Revitalize

We believe that every person deserves to live in a place that is loved - its businesses thriving, its real estate valued, and its people proud.

We bring small-small manufacturing front and center in a community to make that happen.

Are you ready to Recast your City?

Creating Standout Communities

A Workshop for Forward-Thinking Community and Business Leaders

If you’re asking...

“How do I make my community stand out?”

We’ve got answers.

Recast City will partner with you to convene current and future leaders to:

  1. Build an inclusive cohort of community and business leaders;

  2. Master new ways to grow a thriving entrepreneurial community using small-scale manufacturing; and

  3. Identify, invest in and help scale vibrant businesses that make people proud of where they’re from and excited to invest in their neighborhoods.

Expedite your own learning by leveraging best practices that Recast City has collected
from leaders across America who also felt the urgency to do something different.

Our Creating Standout CommunitiesTM half-day workshop includes:


Hands-on learning and interactive small group discussions


Guides, case studies and reference materials on small-scale manufacturing


A detailed 90-day action plan to jumpstart your redevelopment project

Begin the day discovering new ways to activate your community
and build a strong, resilient, local economy.

End the day with an action plan in hand.

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“Fremont’s creation of a vibrant central downtown area to unite the city includes a big “maker” component – something that was inspired by a study and a workshop done by Recast City two years ago to understand Fremont’s assets and needs. This workshop gave me good insight into why makers are important to our city and what efforts build upon the strengths of our existing maker community.”


— Tina Kapoor, Economic Development Manager, Fremont, CA


About Us

Recast City works with city/civic leaders, real estate developers and foundations to leverage small-scale manufacturing to:

Enrich hometown identity



Unearth hidden community gems



Expand business ownership



Promote neighborhood reinvestment


Ilana Preuss is spurring economic development in America by partnering with city/civic leaders, real estate developers and foundations to integrate small-scale manufacturing space into redevelopment projects.


Before founding Recast City in 2014, Ilana served as Vice President and Chief of Staff at Smart Growth America. Ilana brings over 20 years of community redevelopment experience from across the private, public and nonprofit sectors.