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Reinvent | Reposition | Revitalize

We believe that every person deserves to live in a place that is loved - its businesses thriving, its real estate valued, and its people proud.

We bring small-small manufacturing front and center in a community to make that happen.

Are you ready to Recast your City?

Energize your Crowd with a Keynote Speech by Ilana Preuss

Preuss headshot TEDxGWU.jpg
Preuss headshot TEDxGWU.jpg

Energize your Crowd with a Keynote Speech by Ilana Preuss


Ilana Preuss is available to speak at national and regional conferences. She brings her passion for great places and small-scale manufacturing to every event. 

Her talks focus on taking action: launch programs and real estate projects that stand out, showcase the unique identity of your community or region, and attract reinvestment that makes people proud of where their from.

Ilana covers topics such as placemaking, economic development, community reinvestment, and inclusive economic growth - all with an understanding that now is time to do something about it all.

Check out her TEDx talk here.

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