You’ve built some momentum in your downtown, now make it stick.

Retail is shrinking, storefronts sit empty, and residents are underemployed. You know that the demand for retail and office space is changing, but you’re not sure what comes next. You worry about how to keep your youth from leaving town because they can’t get good paying jobs.

You know that small-scale manufacturing plays a role in the solution but you just don’t know how.

You can’t just keeping doing the same old thing - you have to try something different.

You lead from within government, real estate, foundations and non-profits. You stay up nights worrying about finding the right answers.

Do you ever wish you could get the right answers for your community and your project, and know that you are using a proven method to build a resilient place that reflects the skills and diverse history of your residents?

Local economic development is in flux. we get it.

Creating great places is key to a thriving economy. And retail and main street is all about the experience. Build your great place it in a way that is truly about your community and history.

We can help.


What our clients say:

“Recast City strikes a unique balance between thought leadership and a repository of best practices, along with on-the-ground engagement with business owners and policy makers. There is great passion behind the Recast City mission that can galvanize a community, and they offer very detailed and practical recommendations that are tailored to a particular location.”

Kelly Kline, former Chief Innovation Officer and Economic Development Director, Fremont, CA, currently Chief Economic Development and Land Use Officer, Mayor’s Office, San Jose, CA

"Our work with Recast City gave us valuable insight to position our new real estate project. Ilana brought small-scale manufacturing business owners to the table for our mixed-use development to help us create a unique destination that will stand out in the region. Ilana advocated for our project to local elected officials and gained their support for the project - invaluable!”

Evan Goldman, Vice President, The Neighborhoods of EYA

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