Recast Spark

Not sure where to start? Worried you will lose momentum? Or waste limited resources?

we get it. You know that small-scale manufacturing is a part of the solution, but your attention is constantly pulled in a thousand different directions.

But if you don’t move soon, you may see more vacancies in your storefronts, lose more youth from town, displace more diverse local businesses, give up more good paying jobs, or sacrifice what makes your community special.

Don’t miss the opportunity to create a place that stands out.

We promise that we can keep you moving in the right direction with the best immediate step for action.

With our Recast Spark, we will dive deep with you to define your key outcomes with small-scale manufacturing, provide you with a clear action for your next step to build or create momentum, and hand you a custom roadmap to create great places with small-scale manufacturing - created through the Recast City 8-point lens.

And we’ll do it all for you in ONE WEEK.

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If you already know the outcome you want to achieve, or you’ve completed the Recast Spark and want help making it happen, the Recast Boost is for you.

Do you need to change your zoning and permitting to allow small-scale manufacturing in downtown? Or do you want to know what real estate models work best with production businesses? Maybe you need to make the case for your real estate project with these businesses to local decision makers? Perhaps you want help to build a diverse community of business owners? Maybe you want to find the best business development program for your producers to scale and stay in town? Or you want to do all of the above?

We’ll be an extension of your staff, coach you through the process, and hand you the answers.

Option 1


You know what you need. You just don’t have time to scour the country to find and compile the best examples to fix your problem and move ahead now. We will track down the best-of-the-best for you - in economic development, planning, branding, real estate development models, or product business development - and hand it to you in a neat package.

  • One month turn around for research and analysis

  • Kick off call to define your target need

  • Custom 2-3 page memo on your best “fix” examples from across the country

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Option 2

Recast Boost

You know the outcome you want to achieve, but you want help to understand the challenges facing business and property owners before you invest in a solution. You don’t have time to chase down the best-of-best case studies for the answers, but you do want to build your own relationship with these business owners. Let us coach you through it and then find the answers for you.

  • 8 weeks of weekly coaching

  • RC tools to understand your businesses & their specific needs

  • Custom 3-4 page memo handing you the best case studies for the major hurdle you need fixed

Option 3

Boost Onsite

You don’t have time for any of it, but you still need to act. It may be an economic development strategy for these businesses, a way to position a new target property, a set of policy changes, or a place-based strategy that pulls it all together. But you know that you need someone to do it all for you - from A to Z.

  • Initiative complete in 4-6 months.

  • Find the key small-scale manufacturers & property owners in your community

  • Interview them to understand the assets & challenges to achieve your goals

  • Research target neighborhoods or property for investment

  • Compile the best examples to build a complete strategy ready for execution

  • Build your table of stakeholders so you are ready to implement on Day 1


“Ilana is a person that sleeps (we hope) and dreams of creating successful small scale manufacturing businesses in distressed communities. After working with Recast City, we published an RFP of a city owned building for the property to be redeveloped for maker spaces, and we partnered more with the Knoxville Area Urban League and the Knoxville Entrepreneur Center (KEC) to help makers grow and to educate neighborhoods on how to support their business base."

Dawn Michelle Foster, Redevelopment Director, Knoxville, TN

“The best part of the Recast Spark was the personalized attention to detail, vision, and collaboration with staff from Recast City. After completing the Spark, we immediately began planning for ways to implement projects to help us accomplish the short term wins and relied on the guidance to aid in the development of a longer term strategy.”

Chris Bruno, Director of Economic Development, Fairfax City, VA