Recast City

Reinvent | Reposition | Revitalize

Recast City works with real estate developers, city and other civic leaders to create cowork manufacturing space for small-scale producers. We build the startup community for small manufacturers and makers in the city - across industries of textiles, electronics, wood, metal and other materials. 


Recast City

Every neighborhood deserves to be great.

This greatness comes from the people and the businesses in the community.

Small-scale manufacturing businesses are key to create that vibrant and thriving neighborhood and economy.   


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Workshops & Talks

Recast City runs workshops to help real estate developers & elected leaders understand the local small-scale manufacturing sector - focusing on real estate and planning needs or economic development strategies. Keynote presentations showcase the latest best practices in the field.

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analysis & action

Recast City conducts demand analyses, feasibility studies, and tenant discovery for spaces serving small-scale manufacturing and for mixed-use & redevelopment projects. RC develops economic development strategies that integrates business sector support with investments for neighborhood revitalization. 

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research & reports

Recast City researches and publishes on the latest best practices in the field and shares these resources through the RC Blog, custom guides for target audiences, and articles. This research serves as the basis to share best practices, local successes and new real estate models with clients.