Recast City

Reinvent | Reposition | Revitalize

We believe that every person deserves to live in a place that is loved - its businesses thriving, its real estate valued, and its people proud.

We bring small-small manufacturing front and center in a community to make that happen.

Are you ready to Recast your City?


Reinvent Manufacturing

Local producers and maker industries are a growing asset and a key sector to strengthen local economic resilience. Recast City works with business and civic leaders to understand the local small-scale manufacturing sector, discover the potential for expansive growth, build a strong pipeline for jobs, and tap state and federal resources to support this sector.

Reposition Real Estate

Small-scale manufacturing and maker industries can reposition real estate for changing market demand by attracting a vibrant audience to a new product. Recast City works with real estate developers and other city leaders to create cowork manufacturing spaces in new and rehab products to increase a project’s value and draw people to the target neighborhood.

Revitalize Downtown

City redevelopment is key for local economic success. Land owners, developers, and other city leaders need to get ahead of the demand for dynamic places to live and work in the heart of downtown while also creating opportunities for long-time residents. Recast City helps cities and other civic leaders connect to changing local demand with successful outreach and engagement tools for stronger local economies.