Discovering Your City's Maker Economy

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Discovering Your City's Maker Economy, a new guide from National League of Cities (NLC), Etsy, Recast City and Urban Manufacturing Alliance (UMA) makes the case for local elected officials to focus on the role of maker and small-scale manufacturing businesses in their local economy. 

The guide, released at the NLC City Summit, provides local leaders with information about how to engage these business owners as key economic drivers in the community.  The report covers:

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  • How to define your city's maker economy

  • Why inclusion is core to this work as an economic driver

  • How to support your local maker businesses and manufacturers (with successful tools from other communities)

  • Where to start

Check out all the details in the new report here.

Highlighting examples from Memphis, TN, Dayton, OH, Grants Pass, OR, Ithaca, NY, Baltimore, MD, and Birmingham, AL, alongside Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington DC, this toolkit is the place to start.

Would you like to add a workshop or training on this report and/or Made in PLACE to your next conference? Contact Ilana to discuss availability for 2018.